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Welcome Back Everybody!

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It's about time we get our RSX board back! Welcome everybody!
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Good to be back, even though I don't own a RSX, I deciding on which car to get this summer. I had 3 choices which came up to as an older GSR, which is probably the most popular choice, but insurance rates, cost, and finding one are problems, although you get the most for you money. Secondly, the SI is cheap buying a new model, and is quick enough stock. Although not as fast as the GSR, it is cheaper. Lastly the RSX, the newest of them all, although I know little of it, I've heard both bad and good. From you're point of view, I'd like to know what you think of it, and how it has compared to the many other cars you driving in your days.
RSX is a good choice. Overall, I like the car very much. It is a very good performer. It is the best car I have driven in a long long time. The interior design is very modern and very nice. However, I do have a few complaints... The fit and finish of some of the interior panels is a minor concern. This being the first year that the car is available means that there are still a few bugs that they need to sort out. Problems that I have personally experience: 2nd gear grind/notchiness, driver side door that is misaligned (will have it fixed at a body shop), interior panels not fitting perfectly together (not a major concern because they are not places that you usually look... I am just being picky).
There is a fix about the subwoofer not performing up to expectation... something about switching wires that go into the sub.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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