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welded stock b series mounts?

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my cousin had his b16 installed in his rex not too long ago, and he had the guys that dropped it in weld and manipulate the stock mounts from the engine so that he wouldn't need aftermarket mounts. this seems more dangerous to me because of the changing and welding of the stock mounts, but has anyone on the board done this with a b series engine in their rex? has it held up well?
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Not only is it the half-assed way to do it, but it's dangerous as well. Get the HAsport kit, well worth the money.....
I did my b16 swap 8 month ago, and the guys who made the swap didn't put aftermarket engine mounts... they only forced and weld things in place... and it works just fine.

My only problem is that my engine is a little too high on the left side and my left drive shaft is knocking when I pull hard in first gear.
I would get it redone if a shop fucked up my car like that. Thats why you should always know the mechanic who is doing major work on your car like a motor swap. And hell, if you are too cheap to afford the correct mounts for your swap, then hold off until you can. It will save you a lot of time and headaches down the road when one of the welds on your mount snaps and your motor drops on one side and starts dragging on the ground (believe me, I have seen this happen and its NOT pretty!!)
I would be worried haveing my engine mounted like that cause it will fuck up your tranny and axles if itis not mounted strait. My friend burned up his the same way. Ghetto rigging mounts is stupid unless your good at welding and have an idea of what your doing.

This site tells you exactly how to do it, its not bad at all IMO, people have bad opinions about this because there are some really bad ways of doing this, I have seen some of them myself. If you use 90-93 integra mounts, two of them will put the engine where it should be without modification! that means the engine is fully lined up and straight where it needs to be and puts the axles in the factory position how they would be in a JDM SiR. Once the two stock mounts are in place, slip the axles into place as a precaution(with the engine supported) and figure out exactly where the new chassis mounts are going to go. If this method is carried out correctly it is the closest you will ever have to having a stock positioned B series engine in a CRX. No doubt if I had $500 layin around I'd buy the hasport kit... But I am a fan of having the engine where Honda intended.
cool thanks for the link I am with you haveing it where 100's of honda engineers designed it sounds good tome. Although hasport does a great job of supporting the engine
AK_CRX said:
I think you posted up the wrong link....
sorry bout that, this is the one I meant to post.....

I ran into a little problem though.... The 93 LS motor mount wont even fit onto my 97 CRV engine.....How is this possible if hasport mounts work on ANY B series motor?!
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