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I really dont know where it goes so Im sorry mods. move it to wherever it does go please. thanx

Today while walking home from school I started thinkin... im never gonna get a car till I get to uni and when im there and i have a car i will be too busy with uni to bother with a car. So I just want to do somethign to help me waste time... I want to know the basics of welding like how to weld... i've seen it done and even done it once but i didnt set up the stick in the holding thing and just didnt ask enough questions. I heard of the different types of welders or welding methods? TIG, MIG, Wig? What are they? and what i plan on doing is just makin a go kart... but if its legal (i doubt it) what i was thinkin before was taking a car engine and mounting it up the frame... something small like 1600cc's RWD... man that thing would fly. I live in ontario if anyone knows about the laws id like to know those too thanks.
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