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well i got my buddy club bumper finally...AND

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okay so i got my rear bumper from bodykits NW that somebody (i forget who on this board?) told me to get it from and here is my story....okay so i have a front and sideskirts that are made of urethane (best quality from what i understand...and need almost no prepwork) and i ordered this rear bumper in fiberglass...when i recieved this thing i was like WTF? it needed tremendous work just so it didn't have pits, dings, broken fiberglass..ect now my question is do all fiberglass bumpers come in such a shitty shape that you need to do sooo much sanding, filling, sanding, filling? or did i just recieve a shitty product?
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You got a shitty product!! Who did you order from?
bodykits nw is who i ordered from...i mean this thing was in TERRIBLE shape i gave it to my bodyshop and told him he might have to do a little body work before he painted it and he called me back and was like this is gonna take forever to get in shape to paint so he hooked me up with filler, sandpaper, and some other shit that would be ness. for me to get it in shape and i just finally got done preping it (first time i ever prepped anything like this..haha im proud) but since im new to fiberglass i was just usually it come ready to paint and not much sanding and filling ect is ness.? hmmm those assholes...
Nope, you shouldn't have to do that much work on it. I've heard of kits not fitting properly, which turns out to be more common then it should...but hard getting a peice that fucked up. So fucked up to the point where you're filling it and sanding it down. Did you try to contact this Import NW place? You deserve and explanation from them why they fucked you with shit.

Good luck,
damn... i would call this bodykits nw place up and f'n complain!! they should send you a whole new bumper in adequate condition... the product was certainly not what you paid for.
well i just said fock it and prepped it and had it painted yesterday and i recieved it today it didnt come out bad at all it looks real instead of sending it back and goin thru that hassel i just worked on it and now i just worn people of bodykits nw...hey mabye its just me that got the shitty product or mabye EVERYONE that orders from the gets the same thing...YOUR CALL..but i would say DO NOT BUY FROM BODYKITS NW
man i though bodykits nw was a reputable place...they were workin with supposetly were a good place to buy from...guess not
sorry u got a shoddy bumper..
damn oxygen, your sig is f'n huge!
u just got a shitty product. i bought a WW front kit that was fiber glass last year and it was in perfect condition. now.. its just sitting in my friends garage because i put my stock one back on.
not a kit fan anymore...

anyone wanna buy a 94-97 big mouth front? :D
wow...i was considering buying a front bumper from them...everyone i'd heard from had nothing but praise about bodykitsnw
i wouldn't buy fiberglass kits from small places like that.

Then again, i dunno if i'd buy anything fiberglass ... MAYBE except for the rear.
talk about reviving an old thread!!
hahaha .. shhhh .. maybe they won't notice!

I noticed that too .. but i had to chime in with my opinion. I remember seein this thread forever ago
oh man this is old as shit haha i dont really post much here anymore....just file through the posts instead..but i just needed to reply cos this is so old haha anyways yeah not too many people notice the shittyness b/c i did mad prep work and stuff but still i shouldnt have to do that much to spankin new bumper
anywho be wary be very wary
peace peace
haha damn old thread! just came back to see whats new hahah ;)
Don't buy from GTP either. i bought a skyline front bumper from them and it was in shitty shape and it didn't even fit, it was to big. I ended up losing about 300 dollars
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