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Just like the title says, I spent all this weekend trying to install my turbo onto my D15 Block. I get the turbo all piced togeather will all the bolts and everything, and it comes accross that I can not find my Oil Inlet Flange thats bolts onto the turbo. My first guess was that I droped it somewhere while moving the box. I traced back my stpes and it is no where to be found. I got to Home depot to try and find somthing, but nothing comes up. Just as it breaks does to it, I was going to consider making somthing. I purcheased all the necessory tools to drill and make this piece.

I wake up sunday morning, call a junk yard in North tampa. Now I live in POrt charlotte that at least 100 miles from tampa. I drive up there pay $1.00 to get into this junk yard where, there are at least 600 or so cars you can take stuff from. after looking through 400 or so, I finally found the piece. It was off an Toyota Corolla. It was the piece that holds there O2 Sensor into place. I take if off get it home, it dosn't fit by all of an inch. so I get out the drill, and fix that problem. after custom making the piece I get it all boltted on. ran all my Vacum lines and fuel lines. I go to put the turbo up from on the car it does not fit. so I take off the Mainfold and bolt it on. now I can't get the turbo to line up. so I take the mainfold off and put it back togeather and take the downpiping off. al fits fine. anyway.... I connect everything and go to start my car. everything starts fin, all is good until I hear this noise and see Oil leaking all over the place. I find the problem and take that the Braded oil line that I have has a leave in it where it conenct into the Oil pressur sender unit. Now the leak is not where it conects to it, but to where the cable is attached to the connector.

has anyone ever heard of this problem?

sorry for the long story.
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