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What a dumbass...

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Lets see, I post a legitamate problem, the stupid 19 YO moderaters say that it's not a valid problem and close the thread? GO TO board. honda. society. com , remove the spaces, and start enjoying a valid message board, where the moderators are older than most, and have experience in the area where your needing help, and are mature enough to offer some valid info. This site is a big joke among all the Honda crowds. Don't think that SHO is a good site anymore, it has gone the way of ENDYN....down the pooper.....Tired of the bashing and negativity, go where the rest of us have migrated....just my .02....
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Hmmmm, I'm not going to comment about what was said about SHO, as you all know how I feel.... But I do agree that HS is a much better board.....

and I will agree with what was said about the moderators....:p

At least on other boards you don't get banned for stating your opinion... and rules aren't selectively enforced based on the member in question.
Can you be more specific, or PM me with the link to the other board? I tried entering what you have above, but it led to and inactive page.

lol, the mods tried to block out h*ndas*ciety. Oh well I'm sure u guys can figure it out.
QUIT YER BITCHING AND LEAVE if you want to be like that and don't break the rules by posting other Honda boards here!!

TOOL :rolleyes:
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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