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what about a B18A1 in my hatch??

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a friend of mine has a 1990 integra gs with the B18A1...i think i can it the engine/tranny/ecu and axles for $400 maybe lower....but its a non-vtec motor and i really want to go vtec with my 90 hatch si.....i want to know some info on this motor.....i should have no problem putting a vtec head on this motor right??..or would that not be worth it....anything will help here....i'm pretty sure the tranny wont be probably since its cable.....does anyone have this motor in their car??....the motor needs to be rebuilt and the head has a few bent valves so that is one of the reason why i want to know if a vtec head will fit cause either way i'm pulling the head off.......thanks!
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