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what are some upgrades for the rsx-s

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i need to know some upgrades for the rsx plz help.
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be more specific. are you asking the upgrade between the base and the S. or are you asking some performance upgrades?
or upgrade/changes for the '03 S.
lol it also depends on how much money u have. if u like the styling of the rsx, u could take the exterior and mount it on a ferrari engine or something.
Make it fast!!!

1. Big bang for the buck, first do the intake! I had the AEM CAI (not worth it)... now I have the Injen which is a great fit and easy enough to install in 15 minutes with common tools. If you car is lowered, buy a couple of extra rubber bushings from the local hardware store and use them on the back bolts of the heat shield so it doesn't hit the stearing rod on the driver side.

2. Comptech header (use the stock cat, its pretty high flow and save money)

3. Pick your sound... cat back exhaust ( I have the comptech for nice sound (deep and calm) and moderate horsies but you could do an HKS, Comptech, Greddy, etc (look at www.*******.com or or for more brands and great prices) or grab a free flowing can and have the local shop bend you a nice piece of pipe, usually cheaper than a kit!

4. Pullies, pullies, pullies!!! Unorthodox from
BEST PRICE Usually $350ish for 3 pulley set


5. Clutch and flywheel. Clutchmasters Stage 3 for Street/Strip or Stage 4 if you are going to race more than drive
Call for best prices on that (they have in stock)

6. Phantom Grip Limited Slip.
Again, call for best prices.
Find a good tranny guy locally to install this one!

7. Springs. Don't go too low! You'll regret going too low when you can't handle the simple bumps. If you are going cheap, go Comptech Springs and Ingalls Rear Camber Kit(Comptech springs from & Ingalls Kit from www.*******.com) Don't bother wasting your money on the front camber bolts like I did, it was only off by -0.55 which is barely outside the factory specs and you'll never notice an uneven wear on the tires unlike the rear which was -2.2 which is huge. If anything, you'll notice a better handling car!

If you want to spend more $, use BnG or Tein coilovers from (again, best prices and in stock)
H&R when they release their coilover system (
Fightex Motor Dreams (


8. Internals? Cams, pistons, rods, etc...

9. Throttlebody. Spoon Sports throttlebody at www.*******.com


Ultimate Racing Turbo Kit with:
Front Mount Intercooler
HKS External Wastegate
Tuned Piggy Back ECU


NOS, Nitrous Express, Zex: all good companies.

I'd use NOS's new system that is direct port wet which piggy-backs the stock injectors on the NOS injectors and delivers the NOS directly to the motor (wet). Of course, you'll need the usuall RPM Window Switches, Rich/Lean Gauge, NO2 Pressure Gauge, Fuel Pressure Gauge, Bottle Warmer (a must to keep the bottle pressure at a constant but nobody tells you that), remote bottle opener, upgrade the bottle to atleast 15 Lbs (I prefer a 20Lb), Fuel Pressure Regulator, Fuel Pump, etc... All-in-all, you'll spend $2500ish if you do it right but that's still cheaper than turbo or supercharger and definately cheaper than blowing your motor up if you cheap out on the extras.

Hey, lets face it, the options are endless!!! (God I love this stuff!)

If you want more, let me know.
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My last entry...

The www.*******.com is

w w w . c l u b r s x . c o m

without the spaces

What's up with this crap, editing our entries!!!
Re: My last entry...

jrc021777 said:
The www.*******.com is

w w w . c l u b r s x . c o m

without the spaces

What's up with this crap, editing our entries!!!
I guess big brother has spoken! :p
Thanks for all the help you guys.:ryu: :ken:
RSX upgrades

Hey, no problem.

By the way, I am selling my exhaust on Ebay so check it out. You can find it by searching for me, jrc021777, and looking at my current auctions. It's a great upgrade. I'm buying a 3.2CL Type S to build for next summer.


that IS the best and cheapest upgrade you can do for yer car to gain HP
yeah the ECU upgrade is definitely worth a looking...check out the review here nice hp and torque gain with just the ecu and cai
Or you could get a AEM or DC CAI.. those give alot of HP too..
JDM rear sway bar and LSD. Improved handling and the LSD helps you actually put all that power down through the curves.
Forget the JDM rear sway bar, Hotchkis just released theirs and it's much better for much less!
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