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What clutch?

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What clutch do you guys recommend for a SOHC VTEC turbo with about 220 flywheel (soon)? I had stage 3 Clutchmasters but it failed. I was looking into exedy stage 2 cerametallic, any info?
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what do you mean that it failed? it couldn't grip the horse power or what?
it failed? My stage 3 holds great and i have more power than what you're talking about. Was your clutch old or something?
No, it was brand new when I got it, but I think the pressure plate broke, I will know for sure real soon. I was a good clutch, it just didnt last more than a year, although I was at the track almost religiously at on point. But it just gave out and I couldnt start my car in neutral without it bucking.
ClutchMasters Stage 3 is an excellent street/strip clutch. I've had one in my 00 Civic Si for over a year (put about 30k miles on it), and trust me it's been abused. I've broken an axle and the differential in the tranny, and the clutch still chirps 3rd gear on BFG drag radials. Either you had a defective clutch or it wasn't installed properly. It's a really strong clutch.. maybe a little too strong for me. I'm putting an ACT in my 93 GS-R (street disc/heavy duty pressure plate). My friend has that ACT in his GS-R del sol and it has better pedal feel than the ClutchMasters Stage 3.
I wouldnt be surprised if it was installed wrong, that shop screwed up my car before... yeah but still I feel its the pressure plate that broke
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