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What coilovers to get??? (SLEEVES)

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I looking at getting coilovers, just the sleeves. I don't have the $$$ to swing full coilovers.

Here's what I have been looking at GROUND CONTROL and WEAPON R CIRCUIT PRO 2.

Tell me what your opinions are OR any other ideas of what to get.

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I would have to go with the Ground Controls. My friend has a set of Skunk2's and he told me that the ride sucks bad. Now he regrets getting the Skunk2's and he's wanting the Ground Controls now.
sleeves suck, get the real deal threaded shockbody. If you have to get sleeves ground control all the way, the ride is very comparable to stock, my friend has some on his 00 accord coupe.
The thing with sleeves is that they are slipped on over the strut casing so you get a lot of rattles and movement that you don't want. You can either weld on the sleeve to the casing or a quick fix is to wrap the shock casing with duct tap until the sleeves slide on with no movement.
Ground Control

The Ground Control comes with polyurethane sleeves that you put around the strut and the coilover sleeves goes over that. This way the coilover sleeves does not move or rattle much. It also comes with some polyurethane o-rings which makes it a better fit.
I'm not to sure about that one b18c.... I watched my mechanic install the ground control with tokicos on a 200sx and it came with NO poly sleeves that your talking about. Maybe you can buy them as an add-on.
Mine have the inserts

My kit came with the polyurethane inserts... But if yours dont, definitley get them.. and like somone allready said.. save the extra cash and get the full coilover kit... it will save you in the long run...
Yea The inserts came with the kit. There's really no reason to get full coilovers if you're not into auto-x. For normal everyday driving, sleeves are just fine. But it weren't hurt to have some badass true coilovers :)
I reccomend going the true coilover kit... cuz you will be replacing the stock shocks with new ones real soon...
Well if you do get sleeves, just get some adjustable struts like tokico illumias or koni yellows.
dont get the weapon r i knew a kid who had them and the ride sucked
Weopon R sux

Right right right... Weapon R sux.. dont go weapon R...
I agree with B18c....if you aren't auto-xing then u really wouldn't need true coilovers. I rarely hear complaints about GC and if u look around u can get them for pretty cheap. GC and Koni Yellows!
Ground controls and Koni's will cost just as much as a set of entry level Coilovers....hell, I even got a set of H&R coilovers for $760 brand can get WS for cheaper than that too
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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