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what color should i do my rims PLEASE HELP

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hey hey.. i wanna re powder coat my rims.... my #1 choice is darksilver(gun metal).. #2 is glossyblack(right now its flat).. or #3 like bronze or something?
any suggestions?? please let me know what u guys think i should do....
heres a link to a webpage i made with a bunhc of pix..
please let me know.. and i know FOR SURE I DONT WANT WHITE OR SILVER.
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yuck... wrong forum :ken:
eh, white if anything
I think the gunmetal will look pretty decent... but you need to lower it first :D :D :D :D :D
im not into how bright my blue corners can go.. or how "cool" euro altezza style brakelights that are chrome look on the back.. and im not into blue led windshield squirters.. and i think INDIGLO anything isn't for me.... its nice to some but not to me..... im into the clean jdm look.. nothing fancy.. just clean and nice.. my car is already lowered on hondasport springs.... if i put on stock rims/tires.. its almost tucked.. i might wanna lower it about 1.5" more in the front and maybe 1" in the back... that will fix it a little.. but as of right now.. i just wanna know what color to powdercoat my rims?... thanks for your suggestions/comments if any
Bronze! My friend has a 2000 Si in blue with bronze Volk rims on it.. I wish I would have gone with bronze on my car after seeing it.. It looks kinda seeing pictures of just the rims, but actually seeing it on the car, it looks great.. and Not many people have it...
:cool: yea dude, even the older impreza 2.5rs came with bronze rims on the blue body
HAHA. I was shocked to see the CRV. I was expecting a Civic. Bronze looks good on blue for sure tho.
Bronze........ p.s. lower it more :cool:
Gun Metal or Bronze, wut kind of rims are u getting?
HybridJDMHonda said:
HAHA. I was shocked to see the CRV. I was expecting a Civic. Bronze looks good on blue for sure tho.
HOLY SHIT, WHAT A SUPRISE!!! Seeing how the link was

something gave it away to me :rolleyes: ;)
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