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What do I do for my 5 1/4's?

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Alright I've got some infinity Kappa 6x9's and a JL audio 12W6, with a fosgate 400.4 powering everything. And everyone is tellin me to get some new 5 1/4's for the front. Cause I'm rockin the stock ones. I have a 92 civic hatchback. I was just wondering what you guys would recomend for some decent 5 1/4's. I'm lookin at spending around 100 but if goin to 150 would be all that much better then I might consider. So if you guys would recomend what I should use and where I could get um that would be great thanks guys.

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What year car is it, and what kind of music do you like? Some people really like bright highs. I personally don't. That will make a big difference. Listen to some of the lower end MBQuart sets. If you like them, go for them. They can be had everywhere for relatively cheap. They may be some of the best bang for the buck sets if you can deal with the bright tweeter.

I would get the DEI studios (i think, maybe neo's) from for that price. I think it will beat anything that is comercially available (IE CC, BB) at that $150 price point.

Just my 0.02
my car is '92 civic hatchback, and I like Rock rap and some techno so pretty much everything
Theres a new series from Pioneer called REV Series that look pretty cool. But do you 6 1/2's or 5 1/4 in your doors??
IF I recall correctly, the grille on that car pops off the door panel, and the driver is actually attached to a black plastic basket that is then attached to the door.

If that's the case, with some mdf rings, you can easily get a very deep 5.25" or even a 6.5" driver in there with little trouble.

I would look at those DEIs if I were you. They are great for the money.

Dashpads are the single coolest thing on this planet.
yeah you can use the plastic ring. I basically cut the whole back of the basket and a ring is all that is left. It puts my speaker in its stock position, but allows for me to put a little deeper speaker into the door, since the basket is only 2" deep.
Kove Ks components! They come with 1 inch silk dome tweets and fero fluid cooled midranges. They scream! They only cost like 159 too!
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