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We've got stylish running boards and side bars for a Honda CR-V. The best designers of ATS, SteelCraft and Aries work their styling magic and custom designed reliable side steps, which are good to fit 2012 - 2014 models. They are manufactured with safety in mind and look absolutely awesome!
- give the aggressive look to your vehicle;
- allows the easiest access to your truck’s interior or bed;
- brackets can be placed anywhere you need support the most;

See prices and other details here: Honda CR-V Truck Running Boards at

Which ones would you install on your truck?

Aries® - Honda CR-V 2014 4" Oval Side Bars

SteelCraft® - Honda CR-V 2014 3" Round Side Bars

ATS® - Honda CR-V 2014 E2 Series Running Boards

This video is provided for the reference. So it may not reflect the exact installation process of the items mentioned above. However, you can get an idea of how they work:

You can read more information about the manufacturers here:
SteelCraft -
Aries -

Also check other accessories for your CR-V here.
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