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what do you think of my cousins car?

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looks nice do you have pics of interior or engine ?
The 4g civics that has twin carbi are alright! Some are fast too... :cool:

Nice sig P_SH! nice colors!;)
simple, clean and nice.:D

looks like a sleeper to me.
naw.. no pictures of the engine bay..he's runing a T4 turbo. It busted once becuase the people that did his custom piping didn't put it together right so he had to rebuild it all over again. oh yeah hi doesn't have those rims anymore, he traded them for Si rims.
culean...ure cousin is doing a good job to keep a car of that age looking so clean and still drive it.
it looks clean, i like it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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