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what do you think

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i have done something with my car as below
Panasonic DVD system
Momo race air knob, Razo formular pedal
Type R brake handle, HID kit
Winds west body kit, Carbon filber hood
GT II spoiler, Honda fog light
Battery tie down, Honda carbon filber trim kit
Leather seats, Honda Valve cover insert
Greddy engine oil cap, Clear bumper lights
Altezza tail lights, Honda CD changer
Leather shift boot, Honda gold plating kit

What do you think? do you have any opinion?

i am not the person who want to make it faster just make it nice
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there is not a single item on your list that i would even consider for my car...

just wondering though, if you are trying to make your car look nice, why are you getting alteezas, a gold plating kit, and a gt2 spoiler???
I need to see pics to judge.
Jvtec said:
I need to see pics to judge.
same here...

and if its only for looks, then don't get the most generic body kit and crappy universal wing. do some real cutomizing so it looks different from every other civic with a gt2 wing and altezza tails.

just my opinion though
I like the dvd player.

I dunno dude, I just see it as a waste of perfectly good cash that I could have used to put a turbo on the car....I think the lude looks friggin sweet as it is, and if I was going to dress it up I'd leave the interior the hell alone and get something subtle like Lakemount's kit or a Kaminari and a nice set of '17s. The DVD player is a nice touch but the oil cap is a complete waste, man. A Greddy oilcap with not one Greddy product on the car???

The leather interior makes me jealous much?
Wow... Most people here will tell you, half that stuff is crap. But whatever you like man. The gold plating kit.... hehe... *Bling Bling*
...... anyway it is your choice, if you like to do it this way... that's fine ..
and for leather seats ... man depends what brand you want? i know honda they have made racing leather seats (black and red), i saw it in the Dallas ... it costs $1600
why r u guys making fun of the gold plating kit?:D
Jvtec said:
I need to see pics to judge.
i need pics too. get some and post them asap.
why does everyone only think know a turbo just rapes your engine and decreases its life drastically....I wouldn't want a turbo on my car if it were handed to me.
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