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What ECU for the 1st, Gen B16a1?

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I want ta know what ecu is needed and i would like to
konw if one can be bought for less then 200.

Thanks Blaze ;)
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pr3 or pwo
id suggest pr3 its suppost to be easier to chip(is this correct)
i saw a pr3 the other day for 175 so to answer ya yes.


More chips for it, higher redline
oh god here we go again... lol

PR3 or PW0, like stated before
you can find them online for about $150 without shipping, or if in dire need you can get from for $250
You know what I haven't seen since the board came back up, a good B16a versus DOHC ZC thread..... blah...

yea true dat, i have seen more b16 vs lsvtec vs crvtec vs b18c threads

give it time, SHO is still getting back to its orig level
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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