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What else you gonna do?

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Well i have done a lot to my car this year and now theres only a few thing left that i wanna do. (in no particular order)

H.I.D. system
EX side skirts
OEM fog lights
30% tint
CL/TL leather streering wheel
CL-s rear sway bar
some kind of muffler

whats eveyone else got planned?
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pretty much leavin the car stock and getting a GTI in about a year...the only thing im getting is
Alpine 7894
JL Audio XR650CS
JL Audio XR650CX
(2)JL 300/2
not sure on what sub and sub amp im getting...
the reason im getting this stuff is u can always take it out and put it in your next car...
a system can go in ANY car :)
unless you got a neon, dont even drive that shit by my house... sorry, i know im hating....
i'm getting a much needed air fresher
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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