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What engine mod next??

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What throttle body to get?

I was thinking about a throttle body, since with my mods I might benefit from one, they are pretty cheap if you get a used Honda one, and they're straightforward to slap on as far as I know. I'm not looking to spend a lot on engine mods right now, just want something simple and cheap to slap on while I'm waiting for my header (backordered since Aug. 7) and before I dyno-tune.

The question is, which throttle body should I get, and how much HP do you think it would add? I heard somewhere that a Prelude VTEC one would be good, but I dunno really, I'm kinda clueless when it comes to throttle bodies.... But a GS-R one or boring out mine a little wouldn't hurt, right? What would be the ideal diameter? I think stock LS is 58mm. Anything to look for/avoid when choosing one? Also any other suggestions for cheap, effective bolt-on mods would be helpful. Thanks a bunch.
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