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what exhaust will look the best

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i am waiting for my black 5th gen civic coupe to come out of the repair shop and when it dose i am going to put a exhaust on it but which is going to look the best.

cheers for feedback
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well, I guess you're asking for personal opinions from us, I would vote Tanabe Racing Medallion, Apex N1 or Dunk, and 5Zigen Fireball, just based on looks mind you.
Apex N1 is the best
HKS titanium cf Hyper :) best looking exhaust out there :)

i have tanabe rm for my civic its pretty nice too :)
i like the "angled" exhaust look. Like the the fireball (but, then again, I have a biased opinion)
Re: skunk2

SKUNK2import said:
check out skunk2's new exhuast
looks like a fireball knock off :) i guess if you like ss then its a good choice :)
yeah what ever you like man personally I like the Fireball Zigen exhaust thats why I got it!;)
OR-G said:
How about a Mugen Twinloop Exhaust?:D
depends on what tip you got :) i like the traditional one the best :)
LAblue is addicted to smilies. I would go with evo....
Tanabe Racing Medalion....

or Apex N1:p
yo glacius is that your rx7??? thats freakin sweet!!!
Apexi N1:D
kRaZiEwHiTeRiCe said:
yo glacius is that your rx7??? thats freakin sweet!!!
my guess is that its not :)

ps : yeah it look pretty good
DC sports Exhaust

Greddy PE Exhaust

The DC sports is SOLD :) Greddy baby,, GREDDY!
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The racing medalion is stupid looking. Get a G-power by Tanabe. It's more subtle, good looking, and good sounding.

"In Greddy we Trust"

I have DC Sports though.


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