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my friend has a 1992 integra ls with a first gen b16 motor, the only problem is that that the front end is smashed up but a lot of parts including the drivetrain can still be used.

he just purchased a 1991 civic si and i want to know what parts we can switch from the integra to the civic.
so i have few questions regarding this. before you tell me to do a search..i did ....but what i was looking for did not come up.
so here we go....

what do we need to make the b16 go into the 91si?? mounts??
ecu??? shift linkage?? will everything from the integra go into the si??

how about the suspsesion?? will the shocks,springs,sway bars fit??
i know the front brakes brake will fit but how about the rear ones?
and finally can the dash from the integra go into the civic???

sorry about all these questions..but i need answers ass soon as possible. we're planning on starting work on it this weekend.
i thank u for any answers or any opinions you guys/girls might have.
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