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So, I'm new here and such. Not new to the whole Honda thing but diving into a new set of projects. I was going to buy a99 prelude base from my job, but was a little short on greenbacks, but was given a good opportunity. Instead of paying for the car, if I come in on my day off I can have whatever it is that I want for the low nominal price of FREe! So I'm pulling the h22a4, harness, and five lug swap stuff for my 94 accord wagon.
Now, I have questions:D
What's the best tranny to use since I can't really use preludes stock auto tranny without going obdII?
Should I possibly use stock everything from prelude to save money or should I just keep it obdI instead of doing whole obdII?.
When I do my 5 lug swap, could I possibly just use prelude lcas, instead of drilling accord lcas to fit preludes larger BJ's?
I guess that's all for now, but more are sure to come once I start my build thread.
Thanks advanced, and you're probably right with whatever hate anybody has.:ninja
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