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what game should i get?

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i have three choices Tekken Robo tech or kingdom hearts what game do you guys theink would be the best choice
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you should check those games out on they have very good reviews and previews of upcoming games. I assume you are talking about the new Tekken 4 that's about to come out right? That game looks tight. I just got Onimusha 2 and Socom Navy Seals, I highly recommend them.
depends on youre taste in games.....i got my modem the same week it came out...but i havent bought socom as it has been sold out. i played my friends own and i can say that u wont go wrong with buying it. i played onimusha 2 as well and again i second that.

try renting robo is quite iffy and depends on ure tastes...i liked it alot and will have my own copy this weekend. oh yeah...make sure u got money for automodellista.:D
i sugest dat if ur gonna get Socom u get a modem for ur PS2 i got a broadband modem and da game kicks

i also 2nd on Onimusha 2
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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