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What integra did this come out of?

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My friend is going to let me have these seats. He has two sets. And they are still very plush and nice. I just have to reupholster them. But whats wierd is he says they are from a 90-93 integras. One set looks like it, but the other one seems like its from japan. Because on the side of the driver seat you can adjust the lower lumbar making it squeeze in or out. So that it hugs your body. Here are the pics let me know. And if someones intersted in buying let me know.

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they are probalby just from different model' my GSR has a lumbar support adjustment, but i know not all tegs have maybe the ones with the lumbar adjustment are from a 92-93 GSR or GS
if they are from japan, then the passenger side (in the US) would have more support and adjustments than the US driver's side... that seems like an easy way to see where they came from. I agree with junglistgsr though... I'd put my money on different trim levels from 90-93
Yeah they are probably just fron different trim levels thats all. I know my 96 GSR has lumbar support on the drivers side.
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