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What is the air horn on an intake?

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I bought an AEM style cold air intake from Ebay that didn't come with any instructions. While looking at the AEM instructions it talks about an air horn that is supposed to be installed between the filter and the pipe i think. My kit didn't come with one of these. It looks like my filter should slide right on to the tube and tighten down with the hose clamp. But my kit has three of the connector hoses, one that connects to the pipe to the throttle body, one that connects the two pipes together, and one more that I don't know what it's for. Do I even need an air horn? Sorry this is so long, I'm new to this.
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Mine never came with the air horn and I bought it from a distributor. You don't need it for the intake to work.
Is there an advantage to having one?
It probably just reduces turbulence in the pipe. I wonder if AEM ever even made the part.
Yea, AEM used to use an air horn on their cold air intakes, I think to make the air swirl correctly in the tube.

I guess they stopped they realiezed it didn't work or something so they stopped using it.

I've had like three intakes and non of them had it. But I have seen pictures of them.
Great, thanks for the help.
Yeah, I just got my AEM c/a/i the other day and installed it. No air horn in my kit :)
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