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What is the best choice for what I need/want???

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Heres the deal...

I want to go FI, but my car is my daily driver, so I need something reliable. I don't want to run sick amounts of boost. I would be happy with a 13.9-14.2 second car.

Can I do this with a jrsc on stock internals safely?
I will be going FI this summer, so it's between the JRSC or the Greddy turbo kit.

What do you guys think is the best choice/safest for what I need it for?

Also please list what else I will need, and about how much they cost to run along with either setup.

Thank you.
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I think this should answer a lot of your questions: http://www.h o n d a v i s i o
Make sure there are no spaces in there... I had to put them in so that they would show up in here. If you have questions about things mentioned in there, then holler back.
You should be hitting 14's easily with the kit and its very streetable. Better than stock low end will definately help the usual commute. All you really need is the JRSC kit. Since you aren't looking for more power (crazy boost like you said) the stock kit should do you fine. but should you eant more in the future, the link that was provided is a good one for upgrades.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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