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What is the best GT race car to buy?

They are about 4,500,000 credits each, which car has the all-around best handling and power? I need a good one to race the 24 hour endurance.

Mazda 787B; Cr. 3,500,000; 690HP/9000rpm; 448lb/6500rpm
Nissan R390gt1 race car; Cr. 4,500,000; 641HP/6800; 521lb/4400
Nissan R89C; Priceless; 788HP/7600rpm; 579lb/5600rpm
(Mission Hall level 30-34)
Nissan R92CP; Priceless; 788HP/7600rpm; 579lb/5600rpm
(Endurance Hall Fuji 1000Km)
Toyota GT-ONE; Cr. 4,500,000; Power unknown
Minolta Toyota 88C-V; Priceless; 788HP/8000rpm; 579lb/5000rpm
(Endurance Hall El Capitan 200 Mile)
Toyota 7; Priceless; 788HP/8000rpm; 535lb/7600rpm
(Mission Hall level 25-29)

Audi R8; Cr. 4,500,000; 599HP/7200rpm; 516lb/6500rpm
(Endurance Hall Le Sarthe 24hr I)
BMW McLaren F1 GTR; Priceless; Power unknown
(Extreme Hall Gran Turismo all stars)
BMW V12 LMR; Cr. 4,500,000; 571HP/6500rpm
AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR; Priceless; Power unknown
(European Races German touring car)
Sauber Mercedes C9; Priceless; 710HP/7000rpm
VW W12 Nardo Concept; Priceless; 591HP/7000rpm; 457lb/5800rpm
(Extreme Hall Like the Wind)

Gilet Vertigo; Cr. 1,000,000 897HP/8950rpm; 564lb/6300rpm

Peugeot 905; Cr. 3,500,000; 512HP/11000rpm; Torque unknown
Pescarolo Courage C60; Cr.4, 500,000; 519HP/6900rpm; 487lb/4500rpm
Playstation Pescarolo C60; Cr. 4,500,000; 591HP/7000rpm; 502lb/5500rpm

Panoz Esperante GTR-1; Cr. 4,500,000; Power unknown
Chaparral 2D; Cr. 1,100,000; 420HP/6800rpm; 380lb/5200rpm
Chaparral 2J; Cr. 1,200,000; 679HP/7200rpm; Torque unknown

Bentley Speed 8; Priceless; 623HP/6000rpm; 561lb/4000rpm
(Endurance Hall Le Sarthe 24hr II)
Jaguar XJR-9; Cr. 3,500,000; 749HP/7200rpm; 576lb/5500rpm

Correct me if the info is a little off

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I've tried a couple of those. My favorite is the Audi R8 Race Car. Some of the other cars have better acceleration (by default with full tranny), but this card has some of the best handling and huge top speeds.

My 24h will be:
Audi R8 Race Car
R1 - Racing Super hard Tires
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