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What is the best GT race car to buy?

They are about 4,500,000 credits each, which car has the all-around best handling and power? I need a good one to race the 24 hour endurance.

Mazda 787B; Cr. 3,500,000; 690HP/9000rpm; 448lb/6500rpm
Nissan R390gt1 race car; Cr. 4,500,000; 641HP/6800; 521lb/4400
Nissan R89C; Priceless; 788HP/7600rpm; 579lb/5600rpm
(Mission Hall level 30-34)
Nissan R92CP; Priceless; 788HP/7600rpm; 579lb/5600rpm
(Endurance Hall Fuji 1000Km)
Toyota GT-ONE; Cr. 4,500,000; Power unknown
Minolta Toyota 88C-V; Priceless; 788HP/8000rpm; 579lb/5000rpm
(Endurance Hall El Capitan 200 Mile)
Toyota 7; Priceless; 788HP/8000rpm; 535lb/7600rpm
(Mission Hall level 25-29)

Audi R8; Cr. 4,500,000; 599HP/7200rpm; 516lb/6500rpm
(Endurance Hall Le Sarthe 24hr I)
BMW McLaren F1 GTR; Priceless; Power unknown
(Extreme Hall Gran Turismo all stars)
BMW V12 LMR; Cr. 4,500,000; 571HP/6500rpm
AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR; Priceless; Power unknown
(European Races German touring car)
Sauber Mercedes C9; Priceless; 710HP/7000rpm
VW W12 Nardo Concept; Priceless; 591HP/7000rpm; 457lb/5800rpm
(Extreme Hall Like the Wind)

Gilet Vertigo; Cr. 1,000,000 897HP/8950rpm; 564lb/6300rpm

Peugeot 905; Cr. 3,500,000; 512HP/11000rpm; Torque unknown
Pescarolo Courage C60; Cr.4, 500,000; 519HP/6900rpm; 487lb/4500rpm
Playstation Pescarolo C60; Cr. 4,500,000; 591HP/7000rpm; 502lb/5500rpm

Panoz Esperante GTR-1; Cr. 4,500,000; Power unknown
Chaparral 2D; Cr. 1,100,000; 420HP/6800rpm; 380lb/5200rpm
Chaparral 2J; Cr. 1,200,000; 679HP/7200rpm; Torque unknown

Bentley Speed 8; Priceless; 623HP/6000rpm; 561lb/4000rpm
(Endurance Hall Le Sarthe 24hr II)
Jaguar XJR-9; Cr. 3,500,000; 749HP/7200rpm; 576lb/5500rpm

Correct me if the info is a little off
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