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What is the best setup for what I need/want?

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Heres the deal...

I want to go FI, but my car is my daily driver, so I need something reliable. I don't want to run sick amounts of boost. I would be happy with a 13.9-14.2 second car.
Can I do this with a Greddy kit or a jrsc on stock internals safely?

I will be going FI this summer, so it's between the JRSC and the Greddy turbo kit. What do you guys think is the best choice for what I need it for?

Also please list what else I will need, and about how much they cost to run along with either setup.

Thank you.
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you dont have to go with a kit like many people do... you can go with a smaller/faster spooling turbo and boost something like 12-15 psi, which is perfectly safe and still have a budget... garrett t-25's off eclipses or even td04-14b's off the 1st gen eclipses are good... the 14 b's are the better of the 2, and you can also get a 75$ blow off valve off the 1g eclipse... they hold up to 22 psi...
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