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What is the name of your Sol?

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Hi everyone,

Glad that SHO is back up. I do not like that left side menu too much. It hogs up my monitor space and the max resolution I have is 800x600 on a 13.1" screen.

Anyways to start something, I was just curious in what everyone here names their del Sol.

I do not have a Sol at the moment, but will find a name soon.
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Don't steal this!, I call mine RHONDA! (RHONDA ) AND SOL LESS
"Money Pit"
I like telling people I drive a Civic DS! :) People who know they Civics will ask what the hell is a Civic DS and I tell them it's a Civic del Sol... I like having fun with people... Aside from that, I don't have a name for my Sol.
del-s2k-Sol said:
"Money Pit"
Hahahaha... Blair made a funny one! :D
well I call my sol "baby"

that Rhonda thing is very creative!! and funny!! heehehe
never thought about a name but gues I´ll think about one soon
I guess mine would be "bitch". As in "The damn bitch ain't handling right today" (My typical excuse for losing Autocross events ;) )
......I call mine "My Girl".....I pat her dashboard and ask her how she's doing and tell her I love her....I hurt her though......I let her run slide into a Voyager....and now the doctors will probably tell me I'll never see her again.......
I've always named my cars via the numberplate


Renault 19 Energy - F87 UDG .'. Fudge
Peugoet 205GTi - D190 STU .'. Stuart, or usually stu ;)
Del Sol - K148 OCA .'. Oscar :D

the only exception was my Mini (D192.....arse can't remember the rest!!) who was affectionatly called Maurien, dunno why though, she just ended up with that name :)

my hatch is named "PurpleHaze"
i call mine "red one", "blue one", and "dual".
I call mine C-Rex
The deli...soon to be something else but I cant tell yet.

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