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what is your best 1/4 quarter mile for ITR?

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I have not try 1/4 quater mile for my ITR. I just bought 3 months ago.

My mod lists
Toda spec B
JDM 4 into 1
Straight Pipe

Maybe hit 13's;)
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have never taken mine down the quater....
DC2R#428 said:
have never taken mine down the quater....
well damnit take it there....let us know..
[email protected] - all motor, daily driven, bolt-ons.

i/h/e/cam gears/under drive pulleys/springs/slicks.

Dynoed 175 whp/125 wtorque when I started running that.

With your mods, if you DON'T run 13's, I'm coming over there and bitch slapping you .... ;)

Tuned, you should be at about 185-190 whp, which is good for LOW 13's on slicks, mid-high 13's on street tires.
Hmmm...i dynoed 172 ponies and 125.8 pounds of torque with only aem cold air and axle bac exhaust...and i have less mods..may be thats good for low 14's on slicks..but i'm gonna be boosting soon:D
LudeAction said:

well damnit take it there....let us know..

i got less than you and pulled 13.77 all motor time . i was on slicks though. and was hopping them off the line.
i would say with slicks mid to low 13's if you know how to drive.
I used 99 Honda Civic Si before. My Honda Civic Si was been stolen. I hit 14.3 secs that one my best time. I have not try my ITR. I bought ITR. I know ITR would be faster than Civic Si.

In May

In May there`s a 1/4 mile event at Kaiserslautern in Germany.
I`m trying to get there and race..

I don`t know what time to expect

K&N Filter
Idol t/b 71mm id
crower 63402`s
crower valvetrain
AEM camgears
Apexi Power FC
DC 421 Header

Maybe low 14`s
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Majik .... you BETTER run 13's by the end of the day ......

Yeah I guess. After tuning was done, the pull is very violent.

If I don`t`, I`ll give back my driving license..
Nah .... you just have to GIVE me your cams as punishment ..... :p
As punishment for me or you ? :)

The cams are ok... making great power...

The crowers come with an instruction... if someone thinks he is above instruction, it happens they are cracking.

I set the cutoff to 9000rpm and she runs violently into the cutoff without loosing power...
But Vegeta offered his JUN2 for a good price and I said yes to the deal... :rolleyes:
I think they will respond about the same.

But peace of mind is very important, especially revving that high ...
Well, for me I trust the crowers. Vegeta told me he had better gains with JUN2 in midrange... well, he is the one who`s selling and can tell me everything to make me buy them.
On the other hand there has been no use in telling me untrue stories because there had been enough peeps who liked to buy the JUN`s..

The only thing I really wonder is how they will work together with the crower valvetrain.... I hope, the springs aren`t too stiff..

btw, I`m just back from a customer late in the evening and I had half an hour of azzkickin`Autobahn-driving.... Pulling 3rd and 4th `til my ears got almost deaf...:D

It`s great to see her stronger than ever before after half a year of driving with this cams:

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Just messing around on back roads...

14.5 @ 99MPH G-tech PY #00-1146 (stock) Toyo Proxes T1-S

14.5 @ 97MPH G-tech NB #01-0023 (stock) RE010

I haven't tried yet with the S03's, but I they seem to hook up way better than the RE010's or the T1-S's did.
Anyone guys hit 12's with all motor...?
Yeah, there are a few. Steve Sakai from Virginia is 12.8 in his daily driver, "Incognito" is 12.9 daily driven, and Jeff Taylor runs 12.5 WITHOUT his VTEC working right ......... but not daily driven (240 wheel horsepower ....... yummy!!). That is an 11 second car ....
Hey, live in B-more? I am at UMBC. How close are you to here? I got a few friends on campus with some descent cars, maybe we could all meet up somewhere, go out for some good ol fashion highway terrorizing of some peeps that think their cars are fast...
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