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What kind of camber kit for a GSR?

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Just wondering what camber kit is preffered by the SHO members for a GSR? How much are they?

I have a 97 GSR Sedan with just about a 2.5 inch drop on 195/50/15 tires.

The front tires have a small camber on them and I was planning on getting a camber kit to correct it.

As far as the back tires, aint there a way to add washers/spacers from a hardware store to correct the camber?
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goto, they have eibach ones
I have the front and rear Ingalls kit. Part numbers 3573 and 3892. I bought the rubber bushings because they are more for street cars and less maintance. The polyurethane bushings have been known to squeak if you don't keep them well lubricated.

I think Ingalls is a quality kit. I picked mine up for 210 front and rear. Just make sure you get a kit that can adjust up to +2 degrees being that you have a drop that low.

You can add washers to the back, but I bought the kit because it is easier to adjust.

I have ground controls at around a 2 inch drop right now if you want to know.
i would go with progressive, i had ingalls all around and i found that the rear would always loosen and change back into a negative camber after hardcorning....back in the day with the old sho, tuan had a post which he also experienced problems with ingalls

It really depends on how much you lowered your car because some camber kits can only do so much. I lowered my GS-R 2 inches on tanabe precedo springs and I had around a -2 degree camber. The Progress camber, which can correct up to 2 degrees worked fine in my case- and it was around 2 bills.... so if you lowered your car around 2 inches, Progress will do the job.:cool:
dont get em if you dont really nees em

I have had both Ingalls and some other brand.
Both work well, its more or less the alignment shop you go to get it done at.
not a hard intsatll though
I had my GSR "in the weeds" for about 3 years. I went through about 3 sets of tires.

Im tired of scrapin my exhaust and botteming out.

Now I got the car raised up to so I have about a 2 inch drop and I still have camber in the front and a little in the back.

Where online can I get the Progress kit?
Camber Kit-

You can get the Progress camber kit at your local import performance dealer... I got mine at a place called Dynamic Designs in the San Fernando Valley:D
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