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What Motor mounts do i need? LS in 97 Civic DX, Or can i use the ones from the SOHC?

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i need to know PLEASE. i'm pretty sure i can use the lower ones. and i thinnk i need the bracket also for the rear. So my question us about the other 3 mounts.

Thankx in advance for all that help me.
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you usea ll the mounts that are attached to the chassis.. and you use a 99-00 Si/B16A2 rear and upper tranny brackets.. and the b16 upper breacket (the little L shaped pice that bolts to the block, and unless you wish to put solid poly urithane mounts in there you will need to get the two front lower vibration mounts off a B16 as well.
any b-series mount kit will work
so i have to use B16a2 mounts right? or is there any way to reuse the sohc one?
no sohc mounts wont work at all for the engine (not sure about the transmission though, but i dont think so...)

im pretty sure the sohc mounts are smaller than the dohc mounts (never had a reason to compare the two) plus the bolts wont line up...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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