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What motor would fit?

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I have a 97 delsol that i picked up cheap and it blew a rod threw the bottom end so the motor is junk. What motors exactly bolt right with no complications. The motor that was in it was a D16Y7. It is a 97 Type S Del Sol, so i need to know what motors fit with out any modifications. The 96-97s are both obd2? I am getting a motor out of a 96 civic that had a D16Y7. Just need to make sure there all the same.

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A OBD 2 D series should bolt right up. As long as you're going to the the trouble though you might as well put in a motor from an SI (D16y8). The only difference would be a VTEC head. If you did that it would be necessary to get a SI ecu and run a wire for the VTEC but should be easy enough. If you are interested in the performance increase then just serch for "mini me swap" and it should bring up all you would want to know. If you are just going with the y7 then it should be downright easy and Chilton's should have all you need to know (like torque specs).
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