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what next...

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Hi, I have a 94 Acura Integra GSR At the moment I have an iceman cold air intake, detata 16 inch chrome rims, dcsports headers, eibach lowering springs, magnaflow exaust(needing a new muffler for it). I have 500 dollars and I want to know what I should get next either to my engine or exterior. I know for sure I want to get the atlezzas out of the 500. Give me some help and tell me what I should get next...
Thank you.
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well, with the 500 budget. I beleive you wanted the altezza euro lights. Ok, then I guess with the rest you could purchase either of these: fog lights, front lower grille, clear corners, HID bulbs, badges/decals. You could also ask the retailer what you could puchase with the remaining cash from the euro lights.
what do you mean by the front lower grill?
i'd save another 300.00 and get some Rota Slipstreams w/ Kumho tires in a 15" for 789.00 from
save up anothe 300$ and get skunk 2 cams you wont be disapointed.
Wow, well you're obviously trying to go for show, which is ok. If you want Altezzas more power to you. With the money minus the cost of Altezzas, I'd get clear bumper lenses, hyperwhite bulbs for the clears and for your headlights, and then save the rest for some new rims. I don't see how you could really be fond of those rims (please note: just my opinion), but they look too stock to me. Someone suggested Rota Slipstreams, which are VERY good rims. They look good and are very light. If you got some white or gunmetal Slipstreams and put them on there, it would look very nice. I'd personally go with white. Try to sell your existing rims for $500 and you should be able to afford the Rotas, the Altezzas, and the clear bumpers and hyperwhite bulbs :D.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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