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what parts (if any) are interchangable between f22a1/h23a1

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I was curious if there are some parts that are interchangable between these motors. Specifically, Im interested to know if the distributor, throttle body, valves, ECU, and injectors. I know the injectors are the same style, but I am unsure as to the flow rates on them...being that the h23 is 30hp stronger from the factory...

As you might have guessed, I have found a h23a for a fair price but it has bent valves from someone screwing around with the cam gears too much. What could possibly be affected besides the valves themselves? Is this something I even want to get into?

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I don't believe that any of the parts are interchangable between the two, but correct me if i'm wrong. I know that certain things are interchangable between the b series motors ex. b16, b18, b20.

As for your second question, if the previous owner of the motor has aftermarket cam gears, there is a small possiblilty that your motor is completely built, if not partially. Have you asked the owner if it is? If not you should. As for the rest of the motor, why repair it when you can get aftermarket parts. I know Jun makes plenty of H23 internals. Well good luck.
i am pretty sure that the intake manifold and throttle body off of the h23 is a direct bolt on to the f22
Well, the H22A is getting pulled out of the accord and being dropped into a CRX. Sooo, I need something to put into the accord which is my daily driver. I still have my old f22 but I was thinking if I could get a h23 put into the car for cheap that would be good. I'm just not sure what I'm getting into since I don't know what fits and what doesnt.

As far as the motor, its all stock. I know that some of the valves are bent but I have no idea if that is the extent of the damage...maybe I should just drop the f22 back in after all?
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