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What should be my quarter mile time?

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With this set up what should be my quarter mile time?

Skunk2 Intake manifold
Skunk2 Catback Exhaust
Aem cold air intake
Apexi Vtec controller
Aem fuel rail
Clutch Master Stage 5 Clutch and lightweight flywheel
Dc Sport 4-1 HEader

With these future mods with the above mods, What Should be my quarter mile time?
Skunk2 Cams
Skunk2 Valves
Skunk2 Valve Spings
Skunk2 Retainers
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can you post the mods the driver has? cause that makes a big difference.
The mods are in the first post
Estimated time, just an average with these mods?
With an ok driver!
mid to high 14s is probable with a decent driver and not at a high altitude.

low 14s with mods added on later.
Later on after I run my car, I was thinking about
75 Shots.
ditch the stage 5 clutch thats for race only unless you feel like buying a new clutch after a week of daily driving.....

get stage 2 or stage 3

if your looking to drag race only

ditch the CAI and get a short ram

you wanna go for high end power....
what the hell are you doing with a clutchmasters stage 5?
Clutchmasters Stage 5 is only for drag use....the stage 2 or 3 would be more idle for a daily driver....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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