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What should I do?

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Should I spend money on basic bolt on's or just save the money and go all out for a turbo system.. How does tuning on a turbo work? Spending like 1,000 on basic bolt on's is pointless because if I do get a turbo, then a header and intake system are a waste of money. so What should I do??? And if I do, what system is good....( I also have another question about FMax turbo systems: How come they only come w/ 2 extra injectors? Don't I need like 4 injectors that are equal instead of just 2?) Please help me out.
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funny, maybe it's just me but,


i would save up and just buy the turbo. i bought intake/header and didnt get anything for them when i got my turbo.

This is for a 2000 INtegra GSR
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