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What size of tire?

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I know a while back someone posted "What kind of tires?"

I was just wondering what size tires the majority of SHO members
were using?

I am ready to buy me a new set of tires. Ive been running 195/50/15 ever since I bought my Integra in 97.

I was thinking about switching to 205 now...
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well, the 205/50/15's will give you that little bit more rubber on the road for better grip/performance. But, also when you add rubber you create more friction so don't expect to be faster.

I run:

195/55/15's stock size for the road
225/45/15'2 for the track
205/50/15's for snows, "cause that was what was available at the time." Usually you want a more narrow than stock track for better traction.

Falken's in 205/40/17
Hey deMad10...

What kind of rims do you have wrapped up in the Falkens?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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