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What to buy for a 2000ex civic? Help me spend my money!

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What to buy for a 2000 civic ex? Help me spend my money!

Over the next year or so I have a budget of about $3000-4000. I would like to turn my stock ex into a show car. No motor swap no turbo, too expensive and Id rather spend the money else where on the car. I need everything from wheels and body kit to intake headers exhaust, etc. What do you guys recommend to turn my stock ex into show quality? Considering NOS as a cheap alternative to a turbo.
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Get a body kit and wheels, and then a sick ass paint job. There goes your 3-4000, maybe even more.
A system perhaps?.....maybe an alarm? Showoff front, BW sides, Buddy club back?? Just my .02
get a body kit, drop it, get some rims, exhaust, and some other shiet and that should take up all the cash
body kit, custom interior, bolt-on engine mods, rims...............I could go on, but I'm already past $3-4000..........
Try getting stuff that enhances both the appearance AND function at the same time. I would hope you want more from your car than impressing kiddies at a show, maybe get some real enjoyment from driving it...

Try these...JDM Type-R guage cluster, some real coilovers, nice wheels, good racing seats from Sparco or MOMO or whoever to compliment the interior and keep you in while driving. Shift knob and steering wheel to match the seats. Then body kit stuff along with stainless engine bolt-ons & exhaust.
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