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What to do???

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I have a few questions...

I have a 2000 Milano red Si and have 17" Quantum tek S08 rims, Ractive short shifter, ractive red/balck pedals, anodized red AEM CAI, spoon sports radiator cap, DC sports polished battery tie down, 5zigen border exhaust, carbon fiber altezza tails, Kenwood PS907, 2 Alpine V12's, JL Audio components, and Audiomobile MASS 12" sub. I had a recent accident where a woman pulled out in front of me and messed my front end all up(her fault). I just got the insurace money. What do y'all think about a bodykit(Wings west W-type)? Should I go with Ground Control coilovers or eibach lowering springs? I thought about some S2000 sidemarkers. I also thought about a spoon front upper tower bar. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated...
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That was an old pic last summer before I got started on many of the upgrades. Haven't taken a pic since the accident in December.
I have wondered why would you get a new radiator cap, did you lose it or something?
I loved the way the spoon cap looks!
I would either stay stock....

Or go with the Tsnami (spelling?)

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man get rid of those wheels!
I've had my eyes on the 5zigen copse rims actually but I am holding off til I get the other stuff done first. Here is a pic of when I first bought the car(yes those are real chrome dipped si wheels) with 2000 miles on it. I have regretted getting rid of those wheels every day since...
MugenSi said:
man get rid of those wheels!
Yeah no offence, but those wheels aren't sitting with me very well...I'm not so sure I like the chrome either, but it isn't a very good picture.

Good luck with getting your car fixed...Sorry to hear about it getting hit.
MugenSi said:
man get rid of those wheels!
yeah right! jeeze get some racing harts- dont ruin that civic! ditch those freakin "carbon fiber" altezzas, nothin looks better than the stock tails on a MR si- damn man dont screw up what youve got! keep it clean-:laughy:
Yeah, ditch the mothafathan wheels, get something a little more simple, and make sure it flows with the car.
I know I need to get some new wheels but you guys are dogging out my car...
Don't take it personal, just do what you like, we're just giving opinions.
i would stay w/ the stock Si bumper w/ the lip...or get a greddy lip. I also have a Spoon rear upper strut bar for sale.
Is cool...I'm not taking it too personal
What rims would do my car justice and make it look better?
5-zigen inperio m05.... 17" white....thats what i had and that shit looked sooooo phat. But then the got stolen so im back to stock wheels. But i still think they looked better then any other rims ive seen on an Si. Id go with the tsunami bumber too and just find some side skirts that look good with it...
I posted these rims on another thread but didn't get any response about them, I'm guessing not too many people are into them. But I personally think that these would look so tight on a MR Si. These are what I'm strongly considering now. But just do what you like, it is your car after all.

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I like those velox wheels. They have a clean look and I absolutely love the polished lip
ok dude heres what you need to do ditch those weels and get the black KONIG Traffik's, ditch that cd player and look into that rockford fosgate one that matches your car get some coil-overs., get a black wing(not to tall) to match the wheels ,get the red kevlar hood and get the rest of your exhaust, get headers, and then get the color chanigng guages, and tach, get the AEM big brake kit for the front and get your calipers anodized red get the AEM pully kit and then find me, then we can discuss building up your motor, i got an idea hehehehe;) then let me drive it

For a newbie you can sure talk some shit. I have the tsunami bumber you guys are talking about. It looks pretty sweet on my VMS SiR. I would suggest it because its looks so damn good. Most of the body kits I've seen lately haven't really fit and have a horrible finsh to the urethane. This one is kindda more pricy than the aveage kit but it looks like its worth it. And I have to say you do need some diff rims man. If you want to see what the bumper looks like check it out:D

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