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depends on what route you wanna go.....there is seriously too many of these kinda threads. I'm gonna copy and paste what i said in another thread. If will give you just aobut all the info you want.

ok heres the run down:

first the turbo side.

you can run a turbo safely on an h22....the best kit on the market for a h22 is the greddy turbo was designed for the stock motor. But again, it needs to be tuned. The blue box will be good for a bit but if you plan on going any higher boost it needs to be tuned.
If you want to build your motor for turbo:
You MUST get new sleeves put in, ie: golden eagle sleeves, in order to run forged pistons. If your gonna run forged pistons you might as well get forged rods. However....building the bottom end is very pricey. Just the sleeves and labor can cost around 1200 dollars (that does not include anything else...just the new sleeves and labor). Once you build your bottom end (preferably with lower compression pistons), it is a MUST to get hondata (piggy back system that runs off your stock ecu) or AEM ems (this is a completely new ecu that runs will not need your stock completely replaces it). AEM ems is probably one of the best tuning devices you could ever buy for your car. Unless you are running an all out balls to the wall car, i dont see any need to do any work to the head. Now with your bottom end built you can safely run more boost and upgrade your turbo at any time. Oh yeah, you will also need a high performance clutch in order to handle the power.

Now for the NA side:
First things first is to get I/H/E and the basic bolt ons before breaking into the motor. A build motor with no intake and exhaust upgrades will greatly decrease the performance of a built motor. One of the greatest bolt on's you can do for your car is a good header. SMSP, Hytech, Kteller, Mugen, DTR are just a few who make high hp application headers. (but also run from 700-1200 dollars). Once you get to the point to where you want to build your NA motor. You have to consider your goals for you you want a streetable motor....or a race motor.
I consider a street build motor anything under 12:0 compression. Any higher compression than that and its not very safe to run pump gas. Once you figured out what kinda build you want you have to think about what cam profile you want.....there are plenty of cams to choose from (crower, skunk2, rocket motorsports, JUN) all with different profiles except for the JUN which is a "stage 3" cam profile. Once you have your motor built to the specs you want (depending on how long the build last) you need to buy a tuning source....just like turbo NA motors have to be tuned in order to run at top notch on the street. Hondata, AEM ems would be my cannot run hondata on an OBD II ecu which is any car built from 1996 - present. And like turbo you will need to buy a clutch to handle this higher hp. One of the last things you could possibly do to an NA motor is Individual throttle bodies. They offer immediate throttle response and are meant to make power in the high rpms.

if i missed anything...someone please add to it......i typed so much i cant remember all i typed....

hope this helps.

Fully built tuned NA h22 motors vary in power from around 220 whp - 270 whp depending on your build.

Turbo motors can produce almost an unlimited amount of power yet it may not last long at 700 whp. They vary from ~250whp - 700whp again depending on the build.
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