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what u guys thin k about this ebay garrett turbo

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My goal is to be running 10psi on a gsr engine that i don't have yet. Hhaha just wondering what u think about this turbo, thought i might as well start gettin my stuff together.

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i don't think i would trust a turbo like that, if you decide to get it anyways, take it to a turbo shop, have them look it over, see if it needs to be rebuilt and what not, there might be a few hairline cracks that you really can't see and the seller just didn't notice it (this happend to a friend of mine)... don't let that new paint fool you, if i were you, i'd go with a new turbo, most DSM places will sell new turbo's for around 300-500.
that's jsut the turbo, he just listed all the other stuff to say what else u would need for a full kit
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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