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What would a Prelude Auto w/ JRSC do?

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Please let me know. If I could get my auto with a JRSC(supercharger) in the really low 14's or high 13's i will definately max out the credit cards. Please let me know, thanks.
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watch out for the transmission though
why, whats up with the transmission? Can't handle the added hp?
Not with the factory SS torque converter. It's going to soak up alot of the extra power the JRSC gives you. Upgrade to a Level 10 and you'll most likely see better results.
14 flat? lols, try mid 14's :)
low 14s
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to agree with LaBlue on this one. I think a stock SS Lude with JRSC and even a Lvl 10 TC will only hit mid 14's. But most supercharged Ludes don't stay stock and once the proper bolt ons and fuel management issues are taken care of, that 14 flat can be realized. Man, I'm gonna hear it from the SS boys on this one... :D
is the engine stock or what?
:)mess with the best , die like that rest? lolz thats a good movie :) did burn said it or is it crash? ............crash and burn :)
Shit i think the JRSC is a good waste of 3000 dollars anyways...:rolleyes: Turbo is the way to go...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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