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What you guys think????

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OK what is a better swap into my 89 SI. D16Z6 or a ZC???? they are almost identical in power figures just the D16Z6 has VTEC. Which one is an easier swap and which one will benefit the most?? the reason I ask is I plan to bolt a 92-95 greddy civic turbo kit on. so tell me what you think.
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That is a hard one but really a personal opinion. I like the DOHC ZC both have lots of possiablities. You could problably get a D16z6 cheaper. Both are about the same difficulty putting them in.
They are both simple to put in...With the sohc vtec there is going to be more wiring changes. The zc should have more tunning potential. But the sohc would be better for turbo because of it's lower commpression
ZC, because it's stronger in the bottom end than SOHC D series are, but don't go over 6 or 7 lbs.!!!!!!:D
I would go with the ZC, however alot of guys do the SOHC VTEC because of the huge and easily found aftermarket for it. Also parts are really easy to find for it and when problems arise you know exactly what car to buy it for. ZC for power, SOHC VTEC if you just want it done and simple.
I like the ZC too. Jackson Racing even makes a supercharger for the ZC. I plan on getting one next year. You can do a lot to both motors, it is left to how much money and what are you wnating to go with. Both motors are good choices, but I prefer the ZC
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