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Whats a good (reasonable) place in So cal for me to get a b16 swap done???

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I have a 1990 CRX Si, and I live in L.A., I wanted to get a b16 swap but I'm not quite sure where I should go. The first time I got a b16 swap, I went to this place called pit crew in san gabriel and they sucked really bad, I'd never go there again in my life. Anyways, I sold that CRX and now I have another on and I need to get a b16 swapped in for a good price, so I was wondering if anybody could refer me to a place that will treat me right and give me a good deal, and also do a cool job as well...Thanks

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Call up Holshot Racing in Anaheim.

I think the number is 774-VTEC

Check out their website:
Over Rev in ontario, they moved to a different location tho i dont know where , but the old shop number was 909-947-0355

theres a place in upland called "hook ups" they do swaps, call 909) 373-7223

and in riverside theres a shop called
JDG they also can do it, they quoted me 2600 for a b20 swap,heh but there number is 909-735 6756
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