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what's a nice system for computer

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i just built a comp system now i really wanna upgrade the sound system.. i have some generic speakers with some gay azz small sub. i don't mind the speakers but it would be nice if i replace the sub with something nicer. or the whole thing.

i'm kinda tight on money so like around 40 dollars is what i got to spend.. i'm not really look for high bass performance.. just something that's clear, nice but gives a good bass.
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since you on a low budget get this one. i bet you it sounds better then the one u have rite now.
I don't understand why some people get a computer sound system when you can hook your sound up to your stereo... that's if you have one?
nah i don't have a home sound system in my room. i just want a small sub that gives me a good deep bass. i have one of those generic subs which sounds like crap when i put the bass up high. i can get this from my cousin for only 100 dollars. but then thing is i do not know anything about home theater stuff let alone connect it to my computer.
Try these

The speakers and sub I use I bought from bestbuy. They are the Yamaha YST-MS201 multimedia speakers. They have crystal clear sound and good bass output. I paid $69.99 for them at BestBuy.
They are not in the computer section rather they near the boomboxes and portable cd players.
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