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whats better for the b18c5 engine

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i want to know what would be better to do with the b18c5 engine.
Turbocharge it or supercharge it what type of resluits well i see if i turbo it or super it in ur guys opinon im highly debeting on witch to go with ive seen t/c cost the same a s/c so money not the issue its based on pure raw power and faster times on the 1/4 miler. and what well help me get lots of hp and tq and do the 1/4 fast as hell im going for pure speed. so witch is it s/c or t/c
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and yeah whats better say that ur wanting to add nos to. whats better to go with and add this to the senario. t/c with nos or s/c well help plz damn i hate hard choice for the simple minded jk.
i know this probably isnt the answer you're looking for at all.. but i hate FI on b18c5's. those things are built for all motor.

but if you're really fixed on FI.. then i always have to suggest turbo. just make sure you have thing tuned before you start driving it around or you'll pop it in no time. and don't get boost happy
no ill take ur opinon in conserderation what do u recomed me doing how should i build my motor pls help me i hate not knowing what to do.
I hate to see a B18C5 engine with forced induction also. There are people that would kill for that thing in stock condition(me). Not only that, but its going to be a quarter miler(?!). Well, its yours so do what you want.

And now what you wanted to hear...
Turbocharging will be best for brute power.
actually this is the only engine i will ever suggest supercharging... i hate s/c, but turboing a b18c5 is just a sin... if you desperately wanna go turbo... talk to HKS about the twin charger.... super/turbo.... put 410 to the wheels... just insane...
Turbo on a B18C5 is incredible, the off boost response on the motor is outstanding, The power when boost is applied is very linear even with a larger turbo. If you are planning on going to the extreme I would just sell the B18C5 and buy a GSR motor and build it up. but if you want a very quick 300+hp daily driver I would suggest turbo on the B18C5 and engine management. that motor can live a long happy life with a conservative tune and good maintenance.

good luck

so if i go s/c would i want jrsc or some other brand what type of gains well i see from it and what type of times do i look at for the 1/4 miler and well is see the improvment.
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