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whats better to add to your car? Supercharger or turbocharher?

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I was wondering what better for your car, turboshargers or superchargers. I only consider superchargers because I don't want lag. Can you give me your opinions please. whats better and why.
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Do you like apple jacks or lucky charms? I personally like lucky charms and turbochargers. Why the turbo? The biggest reason is adjustability. You want to run 8psi on the street and 10psi at the track? Use an manual boost controller and you are set. You want to do the same thing with the SC? Get a different pulley and install it everytime you want to goto the track. Too much work.


PS. Their should be MINIMAL lag with a turbo that is properly sized for the application.
Thanks man. I'll keep that in mind. I guess I'll go eith the turbocharger then. As long as there is MINIMAL lag then it sounds good. I don't want to be racing someone and then have to wait a long as time for it to kick in. I want to feel it as soon as possible.
I on the other hand like apple jacks and superchargers.

you can get turbo in almost any setup for any type of use or applicaton.

All comes down to pref
Dude what kinda setup ya gots?
Kinda depends on that too but I'd say turbocharger.

Am I correct in think that a turbo exists that can be turned on and off to save gas?:confused:
Not that I now of but a supercharger does go 'on' and 'off' so to speak.

my setup is growing like crazy brief:
Kamakze Header, no cat, 3" dual exhaust
intake, wires, lugs, blah, blah, bah

new built block coming with full ignition, fuel, and eletronics......
.....soon Zex plate kit (asuming they email me back sometime soon)
I recently bought this car and have hd anybody look at the enginge to tell me what the previous owner did but whatever it was it was VERY good. I love the speed!!!!!!
I suppose you could crank the boost all the way down, but why would you? Just stay off the pedal if you are worried about gas mileage. Most of the figures I have seen don't show a huge decrease in gas mileage after the turbo install. Probably because you don't have to get on the gas as hard to get up to speed.

TURBO...jes makes more power and easier adjustability
I would suggest TURBO, because turbos these days don't have the lag problems that they used to, it's almost non exsisted unless you getting yourself a big ass turbo (unlikly). I would not recomend a supercharger on an engine as small as a CRX, because superchargers have to be cranked to make power, meaning they suck power at the same time, turbos use wasted power to make more useful power.
kinda of a toss up. turbos are just more efficient cause they are using those shitty, good for nuttin exuast gases, so that is nice. easy tuning makes them good too. lots of turbo kits out there. bad things like heat soak make turbo's suck, but a properly matched intercooler, tatically placed heat sheilding (and a water squirter if you like) make heat soak loss minimal.

superchargers are nice cause they are instant on power (there will always be some lag with a turbo) and generally don't suffer the heat soak prob, but, the stupid belt driving the damn thing is a drag on your engine, literally. more pricey too. you can make your own turbo set up by hitting bone yards for dsm parts. they are good shit and are in plentiful supply.

gogo turbo yo.
Ultimately it comes down to what your final goals are with your car (and be realistic with yourself). A supercharger in general will probably consume less money than a turbo kit, and require less maintenance. On the downside, it will not provide the upgradeability and flexability of a turbo charger.
i used to love the JRSC...but once i became more "educated" in the performance world, I realized how impractical it was. I mean, its great n' all, but not worth 2500+
Turbo owns you all ;)
you ever wonder why many supercharged hondas decide to change to a jes makes more power.

the jrsc is cool and all but i think its over price. 2500 dollar jrsc versus a 1500 greddy turbo kit. both basically have non-existant lag but the turbo will make more power in the long run....unless you decide to go with a centrifugal type supercharger like the ones made by vortech, but thats still a lot of money.
Where can you get a Greedy turbo Kit for $1500. Is it a complete kit. And does it provide a big power gain. Do you have any links to this site?
I bet that price is for the basic non-intercooled kit. I personally wouldn't have a turbo on my car without some sort of intercooler.

Would having a turbo on your car without a intercooler kiil your engine or what. How long could you go without an intercooler on your car before you really need one. Just in case I don't buy them at the same time.
if you go 6 psi or above its best to have an intercooler. if you are worried about an intercooler you can use a stock eclipse cost about 50 bucks plus the piping wouldnt be very hard to do.
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