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Whats the best turdo kit for a d16a engine?

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I have a crx with a d16a and I want to go turbo but I don't really know much about the subject. I was wondering if someone could help me out by telling me whats the best ond for my engine while giving me a significant power boost.
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Cheap and easy would be the Greddy non-intercooled kit for a '92-95 Civic. Supposedly smog legal and fits on a 4th gen Civic with minor modification. Makes 5.5psi of boost and probably 40hp.
the greddy kit would be great but if you decide to go custom then go with a big t3 turbo....t3super60.
Thanks, could you guys tell me what are the possible hp gains that I could achieve with your turbo setups.
If ya wanna keep ur car modest - get the greddy kit and boost 5.5 - 8 psi - get the intercooler and build ur internals if ya want more horses and boost more. Itz 50 states legal (less hassel thru emissions and by the cops). The HP gains all depends on how much ur boosting and tuning - I dont know the range though.

If ya wanna go nutz with tha turbo - go custom - or the other kits out there like F-Max, Rev Hard, and Drag. I dont know much about these kits except that they are alot more complete than the Greddy - comes with intercooler, BOV, etc.
Thanks, I'm pushing 145 hp with a built d16a and I wanna turbo setup that can take me to around 210hp. Will that be possible are do I need to get a b16a engine first?
That question is very hard to answer. Depending on what other mods you have. If you run a bone stock engine with an F-MAX turbo kit at 8 - 9psi you can expect and additional 50 - 75 HP at the wheels. If you have done internal work on the engine and have good fuel management you could go up to 12 - 15 psi and that would get you upwards of 100 - 125 BHP to the wheels has Drag Gen turbos from 2899.99 which come with gauges, timer, missing MAP, i think it's a good deal..specially the spearco intercooler it comes with...they come at 7psi....
expect anywhere btw 8-12 hp per boost depending on the size of the turbo and wat condition yer engine is in
2hp total. THATS IT. Thats not even worth buying a turbo.
it depends how your motor is built....cause if yhour running high compression pistons, and you boost anything over 5.5-6 psi depending on how high your CR is then say bye bye to your it all can gain about 40-50 hp on 5.5-6 psi...i/c or non-i/c....soo what u wanna doo...
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