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whats the diff. between axle-back and cat-back..?

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just like the topic question.. whats the difference?
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haha that was simple... thanks
well, full exhaust from wherever the catalytic converter is back. cat-back systems usually refer to including the b-pipe, which if anyone has checked out the dyno charts they will know that the b-pipe gives negligible hp gains unless there is major motor work or forced induction. i used the $300 bucks i saved on not buying a cat-back system and bought my headers, which give much more power then the b-pipe ever will. the numbers don't lie, my 15.9 sec pass was with wheelspin going into 3rd. (the track was REALLY cold, avs tires don't like cold :( ) on a good day, 15.6 is not out of the question. (note mph)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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